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The Best Android and iOS Apps for Fashion Enthusiasts

People today have embraced technology to be a part of our everyday lives. One can’t go out of their house without their phones or iPad or tablet. This is because of the convenience that these gadgets offer. We can browse, read, and go shopping at the palm of our hands with just a few clicks. We can pay bills with our phone, long distance relationships isn’t a big deal anymore because it is now much easier to get in touch with our loved ones because of technology.


One industry that greatly benefits from this is the fashion industry. It is now easier to find inspiration and tutorials online to achieve or fashion goals. There are several apps that we can download to shop, browse and create fashion ideas and bring them to life. Here are some of the best in AU fashion apps that you can download for your devices:




Although Instagram is a general photo sharing and social app, it is also a great source of fashion inspiration. It has a simple and easy to use user interface, clean format and awesome filters, it is indeed a great way to make normal objects more artsy and elegant.




This one is an app for all those street style photography junkies. Great for people who would like to share their fashion photography skills and people who are looking for some street style fashion pegs. This app is easy to navigate and curates the greatest, latest and best shots from professionals.




Easily customizable, this app allows you to plan your fashion pegs. You can organize, sort and plan the clothes you’ll be wearing. You can also find great fashion inspiration on what to wear, who wears which, what to pack, etc. Simple take a photo of your clothes from your wardrobe and upload them on the app, then play with its functional and fun features.


The Cut on the Runway


This app is a great inspiration source for those who want to be updated about the latest trend as well as the old fashion trends. This app allows you to take a look at the past and present runway collections; weekly fashion shows from all over the world, designer updates, party images and backstage images.


Go Try It On


If you love brutal but constructive criticisms about what you’re wearing, then this app is for you. All you have to do is simply upload a photo of what you’re wearing. You can stay anonymous by blurring your face which is one of the features of the app. Within seconds, the fashion community will give their verdict whether what you wear is gorgeous or so-so.




Pinterest is kind of like the ultimate source of inspiration for anything! For fashionistas, Pinterest isn’t only a source of inspiration but it’s where you can also share your fashion photos. You can create a board where you can upload your own photos or a board with different fashion categories. It is a great curation site for people who love to browse and share photos.